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Aciagrion occidentale Laidlaw, 1919

English: Aciagrion is a genus of damselfly in family Coenagrionidae. It has a wide range from Africa, through Indonesia to Australia. They are commonly known as "Slims".

Green-striped Slender Dartlet or Asian Slim Damselfly (Aciagrion occidentale) is found in Southern India, Sri Lanka and questionably in south Asian counties where another damselfly Aciagrion borneense resembles this very very closely. Male Aciagrion occidentale has a long and slim abdomen; female similar to the male. The male does have a very slight tinge of green dorsally on the thorax, but is very pale compared to that of A. borneense. Aciagrion occidentale is widely distributed in grasslands in open grass besides weedy ponds and marshy areas. Suitable habitat is shrub dominated wetlands although it can also be found in bogs, marshes, swamps, fens, peatlands, small streams and permanent freshwater lakes.

This is a very small damselfly. Male abdomen length 22-24mm; hindwing length 15-16mm. Female abdomen length 24mm; hindwing length 16mm.
മലയാളം: നീലച്ചുട്ടി തുമ്പി.
Depicted place
English: Kadavoor, Kerala, India.
മലയാളം: കേരളത്തിൽ കടവൂരു നിന്നും എടുത്ത ചിത്രം.
Gender Female
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English: Aciagrion occidentale, Green striped slender dartlet, is a species of damselfly in the family Coenagrionidae found in India, Sri Lanka.
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दिनांक/वेळछोटे चित्रआकारसदस्यप्रतिक्रीया
सद्य२१:५१, ८ मे २०१७२१:५१, ८ मे २०१७ आवृत्तीसाठी छोटे चित्र४,२८५ × २,८५६ (७.२५ मे.बा.)Jkadavoorc:User:Rillke/bigChunkedUpload.js: {{User:Jkadavoor/spec |Taxon=Aciagrion occidentale |Authority=Laidlaw, 1919 |Description={{mld |en = ''{{w|Aciagrion}}'' is a genus of {{w|damselfly}} in family {{w|Coenagrionidae}}. It has a wide range from Afric...

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